Movement for Sustainable Alternative

If you believe Liberia can change for the better, then join us to make the change you want to see in your village, town, city, county and the nation. This is a new beginning. We need your support so that together we can lead the way.

Message from MOSA’s Sponsors

January 24, 2017

Dear Leaders and Members of MOSA:

Hearty congratulations! You’ve chosen to lead an efforts amongst the next generation of Liberians for the development of a national sustainable and responsive leadership model. Instead of complaining, as most of us do, about the many leadership failures that have resulted into Liberia’s underdevelopment and the country being so shamefully dependent after almost 200 years of independence, you’ve actually decided to do something about the situation. You’ve decided to carefully study the causes of this state of affairs and to brainstorm amongst yourselves and other young people with the view of engendering a new mindset amongst yourselves and the general public; a mindset based on new conventional wisdoms that support the remaking of our nation. In this regard, you’ve chosen to first begin with yourselves so that you become the change you desire. Second, you commit to becoming advocates—in speech, deportment and deeds—for the new values system without which Liberia will never be able to birth a sustainable, progressive, equitable, responsive and competitive political and economic governance model.

That the journey you’ve embarked upon will be difficult and challenging cannot be in dispute. The new mindset that you seek to engender, for example, will bring you into conflict with those who have a vested interest in perpetuating the current mindset and conventional wisdoms that militate against our collective progress and march to true national sovereignty; old habits do die hard. As you travel this journey and remain true to MOSA’s vision, there will be days when you wish you hadn’t taken on this task or fear that you may not succeed. On such days remember that nothing of lasting value comes easy; the more significant the outcomes sought, the higher the sacrifice and labor required. And fear, which often shackles the timid souls to their comfort zones, is only a mirage that often tricks us into not pursuing the greatness that often lies just beyond the horizon and beacons us. Ultimately, success comes from perseverance, an unwavering vision a daring spirit.

We, your sponsors and coworkers, commit to stand with and by you as together we explore, debate, experiment, and build character; you are our inspiration for believing that a better, truly independent Liberia is possible. Our commitment is unwavering and our resolve is steadfast.

May the content of this website inspire your and our compatriots. Let’s together use it to change minds about what is possible for our country; inculcate new values that, without a doubt, will challenge many of our cultural norms and practices, particularly those that undergird a political and economic system that has consigned the country to the bottom rungs of the global development ladder; and promote civil and critical debates in our public square.

Again, congratulations and together let’s build this movement.

William G. Nyanue
Nya K. Boayue